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Slam a Poet - a poem

Poetry slams are stupid
When one poet slams another
He or she
Only slams their own
Stupid poets can be great poets
Masters of great verbosity
Can be stupid
You can twist the word
Make a new language
But the word is not central
Even the metaphor is not central
The message and all its power
That is what becomes the center
What reaches the heart
Poor poets can reach the heart
That is why any man, woman or child
Commanding precious few words
Can command the universe
Of ears that will listen
With all of their hearts
Such a poet
Though poor with words
May be…. an enlightened soul
No poet can win a contest
In timeless eternity
Only time can judge the poet
Poetry slams…. are stupid

footnote: PoetrySlam.com defines poetry slam as follows:
“Simply put, poetry slam is the competitive art of performance poetry.”

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