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All qualified web addresses are linked FREE of charge. Please review our "Link Guidelines" page BEFORE submitting a link, in order to optimize your time and ours. Colorado Arts Net prefers to link Colorado web sites with dedicated domain names and focused mainly on arts or entertainment in Colorado. Colorado Arts Net generally does NOT link subdomains or deep links:
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Visual Arts Categories
artist individual
arts organization
art gallery, dealer, or framer
art service, commercial resource, specialist, appraiser, curator, guide, or pubn.
photography organization, pubn., school, gallery, stock agencies, society
photographer or studio (commercial sector)
film-making - videography resource
photo-video-film maker supplies
fashion design resource, fashion pubn. or guide
fashion designer, design brand, commercial service
costumes & dance wear
sculpture or tactile art resource
antiques - auctioners
environmental design (interior design orgs, pubns., guides, etc.)
jewelry-gemology-bead, body adornment
body art-tattoos-piercing

Stage Categories
agent, talent rep, model agency
theater company. acting resource, performance art
theatrical play
communication arts - ad industry
comedy clubs, comedians, standup
event promoter, ticket seller, multi-company events guide or hotline
festivals, annual concerts, repeating events, art shows, arts trade shows
(Must be Colorado, NewMexico or Wyoming-based & minimum annual)

Music Categories
band or musicial
symphony or chorale
music organization, multi-resource, pubn., or guide
entertainment venue or night club
publicly owned arts center or venue

Media Categories
general arts-entertainment pubn., directory, or news pubn. with major arts content
literary arts, societies, poetry, spoken word, writer-journalism resources
bookstore or book dealer
radio station, resource or guide
television station, resource or guide
publisher, printer, service bureau
Internet resource, service provider or web developer

Misc. - Other Categories
demographic arts resource, language school, ethnic arts org.
general arts school or instructional resource, institutes
sports entertainment resource, team, publication

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