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This is a new section began March 24, 2000 in response to being flamed by one angry e-mail correspondent. CAN, by and large has received nothing but civil, polite and encouraging correspondence from a devoted audience that includes arts-lovers, a few journalists who use CAN for research, and hundreds of arts entities who enjoy being listed. This section begins with one letter you might find entertaining. In the spirit of candid journalism, you might wish to know that CAN has both legions of moral supporters as well as those exceedingly rare detractors who simply wish to stomp on a good project.
All letters submitted to CAN become the property of CAN and may be published.

Actual FLAME received from Goog, a design gallery - 2000 March 22 Wed:
"Get us Off of Your Site"
After reviewing your Colorado Arts Net site, we have decided that you are, in fact, NOT worthy of providing us with a free listing as you have indicated. In addition, you have inaccurate and out-of-date information as well as numerous misspellings throughout your entire site. All in all, it is a very unprofessional architecture. The "Cowtown Hall of Fame" is particularly ridiculous and lame. Your attempts to solicit business for your "web design" company is also insulting.

You have absolutely no right or permission to list us in any fashion whatsoever. If you do not remove us from your site immediately we will begin a campaign to berate and criticize the Colorado Arts Net using our network within the art and design community as well as the news media. It is sites like this that, in my opinion, do more to harm the arts than benefit them.

Thank you for your consideration.
Pat Ryan
GOOG, Inc.

Response to Goog from Colorado Arts Net:
(2000 March 24, 2000):
Colorado Arts Net, like any media, has a protected First Amendment right to list or truthfully publicize any Gallery or other arts entity. CAN will endeavor to promote the arts and provide cost-free and positive publicity through such listings in friendship to the arts community except where rudely snubbed by art snobs, attacked by drama queens, made the preemptive target of e-mail flame-throwers or threatening of CAN with actions that may be criminal or questionable under civil liability precedent or just needlessly rude. Any persistent action which disseminates a false or untrue image of CAN may be documented and subjected to evaluation by an attorney.

There is virtually nothing correct about Goog's ranting accusations. Certainly there are a tiny number of misspellings. And yes, there is some "inaccurate and out-of-date" information, but rarely in the hundreds of cases where those listed have actively submitted information. Any submitted third party corrections are evaluated for credibility. Errors are then corrected where found. Keep in mind that CAN is a one-man operation that has generated over a hundred long pages offering thousands of tidbits and listings without the benefit of any budget whatsoever.

Contrary to Goog's impetuous accusation, there is nothing immoral about posting a banner at the bottom of each CAN page offering web services to the local market. Goog's threat to begin a campaign to berate and criticize Colorado Arts Net using Goog's network within the art and design community can only amount to a self-defacing assault upon it's own public image. Goog has even posted a link to Colorado Arts Net saying "Extra fun, check out a lame web site". Such a childish and unjustified attack is a faux pax of astonishing arrogance toward a small, sincere altruistic endeavor.

It is perfectly appropriate that any online arts directory, however large or small, should offer to the public each and every listing that is otherwise public knowledge, regardless of the listed party's calculated rudeness in expressing a desire not to be listed. CAN is by all means the most diverse and offbeat arts directory with a utilitarian array of categories not found in any other arts directory in Colorado. It is not merely a free service to those wanting to be listed. It is more a service to those who want information. Thus CAN will list even that rare stalwart who snubs CAN and allow the public to make their own judgment of the listed entity.


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