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Mr. Art Silk, photographer and "wooly bully"
It's Jerry Springer time!
photo right: Photographer Art Silk
taunting a fellow photographer--->
he web site link for Art Silk Photography (Arthur Silk) was expunged from Colorado Arts Net for reasons of Art Silk's own vicious harassment. On one occasion, Mister Silk attempted to punch out the lights of a fellow photographer after screaming the word "faggot" at him near the Cheesman Park pavillion where Mr. Silk has often been seen doing his photography. Mr. Silk apparently intended his choice of words to inflame and spark a violent confrontation while he was in fact armed, not to mention younger and bulkier than his middle-aged target.

Witnesses report that the target of the attack had been sitting quietly and passively minding his own business and was shouldering a large amount of expensive photography gear. He was furthermore unaware that Mr. Silk had wanted the public facility vacated for his immediate usage. Mr. Silk had angrily demanded that the photographer leave so he could shoot a woman (presumably with his camera) near the bench where the photographer had been sitting. The photographer was by now standing and refusing to leave and deflected Mr. Silk's vicious sucker punch to the head by quickly lifting his bicycle to block its trajectory. Mr. Silk then departed when he observed that the photographer had produced a tiny camcorder which was now recording Silk's babbling tirade. The images on this page were obtained from the footage. The photographer had known Mr. Silk through the arts community and mutual associates but did not recognize him until it was too late.

Caution advised. The ever-angry Mr. Silk may be armed with his 3 foot sissy chain.
Later it was surmised that Mr. Silk's violence was possibly the result of his own simmering anger over completely unrelated issues. He had previously harassed the older photographer and then ridiculed him for having planned to photograph the World Trade Center aftermath, inferring that the photographer was mentally ill. Additionally, his arrogant pattern of greaser posturing was apparently intended to win the affections of a certain prominent gallery owner (a few blocks away) who, according to Silk, the assault victim had said unkind things about. But this allegation was untrue. An otherwise friendly business relationship had once existed between the victim and the gallery owner. But this was poisoned by Mr. Silk and he was not yet done with his wrath, hoping to win the woman who, by all appearances, was not even interested in anyone except her own partner.

Whatever was on Mr. Silk's disturbed mind, it should be noted that he was armed with a 3 foot "sissy chain" and may have masculinity issues. We hope Mr. Silk will get the treatment he needs. If you happen to be one of the many photographers who uses Cheesman Park for its splendid photographic value and Arthur "Potty Mouth" Silk tells you to leave, just call the cops. He may be armed and dangerous. Meanwhile, it would be nice if photographers could go to the park without being punched and called "faggot" out loud. The only person cruising here was Mr. Silk.

footnote: Photos extracted from actual video of the terrifying encounter.

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